2020 PUSD Film Festival Prime Time Event

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Welcome to the our 6th Annual PUSD Film Festival.

Program: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kBObIBNyXIQI9NcKwUOM2noOEKWQzJlS/view?usp=sharing
(A few slight changes were made to some titles so that we could fit everyone in this division on one page. We kept them as close to the original as we could!)

Filmmakers Featured in This Division:
4:35 "The Fear" by Lauryn Marie - 12th, Amador
8:18 "Tahoe" by Lakshmi Sajith - 10th, Amador
10:36 "RoboRocket" by Evan Bonsignore - 8th, Harvest Park
12:08 "Contagious Compassion!" by Caitlin Dainas - 8th, Hart
14:59 "Chocolate Mug Cake" by Nina Moothedath - 11th, Amador
17:31 "Trying Again" by Aimee Sitter - 8th, Harvest Park
20:54 "Where I'm From" by Emily Tu - 9th, Amador
22:39 "Is this the best we can do?" by Keerthi Nalabotu - 9th, Amador
25:57 "How To Write An Essay" by Milla Zuniga - 9th, Amador
31:42 "The Monster" by Kate Robertson - 8th, Harvest Park
34:19 "Macaron Ice-Cream Sandwiches" by Anaita Mistry - 10th, Amador
39:14 "Save The Turtles" by Dhanush Gowda - 7th, Hart
40:49 "Andrew Jackson VS Thomas Jefferson" by Suhas Nagar - 11th, Amador
44:53 "Lasagna Nuzlocke" by Shantelle Tupaz - 8th, Harvest Park
49:20 "Loves Me For Me" by Sophie Wells - 12th, Amador
53:12 "Breathe" by Alisa Ebel - 10th, Amador
55:12 "Remember When" by Siddharth Bhargav - 10th, Amador

Thank you to the students who participated, the teachers who encouraged, the parents who supported, the community who celebrated, and the guests who watched!

Watch the Matinee division here: https://youtu.be/74j8YbgCbsE
Check out our website here: https://www.pusdfilmfestival.com/
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