WON YouTube Presents-Superwoman IV: Unchained (Fan Film)

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WON YouTube Networks/Jimbo-FailExchange Productions in association with MMP Studios Presents: Superwoman IV: Unchained (Fan Film), Starring Linda Hines as Superwoman and Leira S'Drahcir as Catwoman. This is the forth installment of our brand new spinoff series. A legendary villain from the city of Gotham travels to has the suburban part of Chicago to confront her new biggest threat...Emily Nessbocker of The Chicago Sun-Times who as we all know is Superwoman. This not just a minor confrontation between these two women. It becomes a deadly one...as Superwoman and Catwoman go face to face in the most deadliest game of cat and mouse!! Linda Hines stars as Superwoman in WON/MMP's Superwoman IV: Unchained, co-starring Leira S'Drahcir as Catwoman....

Brought to you in High Definition!

Special thanks to MMP studios for filming this custom video project/fan film for me. They are a class act company and are truly professional and so are the two actresses in the fan film as well.
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Superwoman IV: Unchained, Co-Created By Jonathan Rios, George Guzman, Ricardo Reyes and Jackie Gonzalez
Written By Jonathan Rios, Ricardo Reyes and Jackie Gonzalez

Music By Matthew Huffaker..Check Out His Channel for Royalty Free Music: http://www.youtube.com/user/teknoaxe
Additional Music By Tim Beek: http://timbeek.com/royalty-free-music. Additional Music By Kevin MacLeod, Jingle Punks, Jeff Shaw and R.G.B

Opening Intro sequence created by Luminatics Animation
Check out their youtube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzKAJaH4m9tdnyKGFPCd_Jw

Disclaimer: Superwoman IV: Unchained is in no way affiliated with DC Comics or Warner Bros. Superwoman IV: Unchained is a not-for-profit fan film and is not intended for sales of any sort. The fan film is property of WON YouTube Networks/Jimbo-FailExchange Productions and MMP Studios.


All media is used under Section 107 of the Fair Usage USA Copyright Act, as well as the Compilation and News Reports sections of the USA Copyright Act. All videos are for the enjoyment of the viewer. No Copyright Infringement Intended.
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